Technology is rapidly evolving and people are experiencing these major changes, even as we speak. A huge number of companies and business owners have benefited greatly, from new technologies helping them streamline their day to day activities. Furthermore, is the massive shift that technology is driving in the education business in Australia and throughout the world.

How Innovation & Technology are Transforming Education in Australia

Australia has received its fair share of new technologies and innovations over the past few years. For instance, the federal government wants to buy $900 million of tech from Australian startups. The federal assistant minister for digital transformation has declared he is targeting a spend of $900 million per year on entrepreneurial tech suppliers, to move away from traditional providers like IBM.

Outdated Models Dragging the Chain

The shift from large suppliers to smaller ones would be driven by having public agencies select tech providers from the new government digital marketplace, replacing the old method of referring to “panels” of preselected suppliers. The industry is, if anything, holding things back through its outdated model & traditions in teaching. As such, the need to find new suppliers have become quite the norm.

Australia has become quite a popular technology space leading to a number of people curious to know as to why Australia makes an ideal test market for tech companies? The reason behind this is that Australia is big enough to have the diversity and the nuances of a major economy, while being small enough to not have to scale the product extensively to go to market. This in turn makes it especially beneficial for established tech companies who may want to test new business models or innovations without risking their brand in their core markets.

Opportunities are indeed just around the corner and it is good to hear that other countries have taken quite an interest with Australia and how they deal with technology. A good example of this is with the Singapore-Australia cooperation on science and technology, which resulted in them receiving a boost with the launch of the Australian Landing Pad at one-north yesterday. Singapore is one of five global innovation hubs identified by the Australian government for the project. The other four locations are in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Shanghai and Berlin.

Innovation and Science Australia chair also predicted that Australia will lead world in medical technology pinpointing the medical technology sector as the shining light of the country’s innovation, believing it could become the world leader in genomic medicine.

Australia continues to prove it’s an attractive place to do business, with 26 years of consecutive economic growth, and a nation able to produce businesses and people who can adapt and pivot to change. Outsourcing innovation to small business helps big business and is a win-win situation to both of the parties involved.

It should be noted that much of the success of Australia’s modern economy is owed to the strength of the small business sector. Small businesses employ almost half the Australian workforce and account for 57 per cent of Australia’s gross domestic product.

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